furnish your intimate space


Lie down, close your eyes, sleep. Enter that secure, trusted space which opens up when eyes are closed.


For the times when, doors closed, we want to let go of everything external, Muba offers the best mattresses and bedroom furniture to immerse you in comfort, beauty and quality.Each of our products is manufactured by national artisans. Drop by to meet us and to discuss the different customisation options available.



Sleep is our most intimate daily act


Our goal is to offer everyone who visits our premises our undivided attention. Our willingness, time and honesty will be made available to customise your intimate spaces.


In the world of intimacy, words are a medium of honesty


At our premises in Muntaner 265 in the heart of Barcelona, you can spend as much time as you need to learn about the materials used in our mattresses, the origin of those materials and the production methods.With over sixty years of experience, our greatest asset is the honest advice we offer.