We ensure that each mattress is designed and produced in a way that respects its unique character, just as the person that will lie on it is unique.


We customize the filling in line with the desired comfort of the mattress and the characteristics of your body to produce good cervical support, which is essential for a good rest.


Warm and soft, fresh and dense, colorful or sober. In Muba we are able to offer cushion size, outer fabric and filling (fibres, down, Duvet) to order so that they are in harmony with their purpose.

Custom-made furniture

Headboards, shelves and cabinets that combine practicality with the use of the best materials. These can all be tailored to your own space needs.

Custom-made upholstery

Sofas and armchairs that invite the touch and hold the gaze. As with our furniture, we offer you the option to tailor the upholstery so that it is in harmony with the spaces and furniture you already have in your home. The upholstery colors and fabrics will also be of your choosing.


Our skin has to be covered with another equally sensitive, natural and receptive skin. In Muba you will find the most delicate blankets, plaids and bed linen to dress your bed, sofa and other furniture.


We can also produce original designs that until now have existed only in your imagination. Stop by our location with your ideas and we can discuss them.



We work with the most renowned national manufacturers.